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Ever wonder how Nancy is so good at networking and building her brand?

With lots of experience and tricks up her sleeve, Nancy is an expert when it comes to building brands by growing audiences for both her clients and herself. You can learn some of her tips in this episode as she describes a few of the key topics and themes throughout her new book, Grow Your Audience, Grow Your Brand.

From handwritten notes to networking events, Nancy shares how to stay connected with your network and how to make new connections.

Listen to the Podcast and learn more about the topics covered in the new book.
Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven holding her book Grow Your Audience, Grow Your Brand.

Growing an audience involves content marketing, networking, identifying target audiences, establishing your brand story, and implementing repeatable processes so you can deliver the same brand experience over and over again.

Table of Contents

In this book you will learn...

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1. Content marketing

2. Networking

3. Network = Net Worth

4. Target Audience

5. Brand Story

6. Traction Process

7. Social Media

8. Brand Touch

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What others have to say about the book.

  • Nancy Marshall is one of the true students of Content Marketing, and it shows in her new book GROWS YOUR AUDIENCE, GROWS YOUR BRAND. Her unique insights are founded in experience, but imbued with the new, best practices and techniques that help you connect your story with audiences.

    Robert Rose
    Content Marketing Institute
  • Nancy Marshall understands what it takes to grow an audience to grow a brand. That’s why I am glad she has written about her methods and experiences in this book. One way she has grown her audience is by podcasting, and I am so glad that I was able to inspire her with my own Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast. With her podcast, her columns in Forbes.com, and now her second book, I believe Nancy is ‘on fire’ just like the entrepreneurs in my audience!

    John Lee Dumas
    Host, Entrepreneurs On Fire
  • It was clear to me from our very first meeting that Nancy Marshall and I were going to work well together and become great friends. She is a person people know, like and trust. Nancy hosts a marketing segment on the two-time Emmy nominated television show, Greenlight Maine, which I host on NBC, airing statewide in Maine and parts of NH. The advice Nancy gives to businesses and viewers is invaluable to help grow their brand. This book allows more people to benefit from Nancy Marshall’s knowledge and experience. Bravo!

    Julene Gervais
    On-Air Host, Greenlight Maine, NBC-TV in Maine and New Hampshire
  • At her core, Nancy is an innovative entrepreneur. For decades she has created and perfected new ways to help her clients build and magnify their brand’s influence with the audiences that matter most. In doing so, she’s built an international reputation and brand for herself that is second to none. No one does it quite the way Nancy does!

    Drew McLellan
    CEO, Agency Management Institute
  • PR Maven Nancy Marshall knows what it takes to build an audience in order to build a brand. Her unique integration of traditional PR techniques with authentic personal branding, marketing and audience building has made her and her clients wildly successful. In GROW YOUR AUDIENCE, GROW YOUR BRAND, Nancy shares her proven formula along with valuable secrets so we can all see how it’s done.

    William Arruda
  • I have used Nancy Marshall’s first book, PR WORKS! in my public relations and marketing courses at Thomas College for the last several years. Nancy’s information is directly applicable to what’s happening right now in the real world. She provides a guide to how PR programs are planned and implemented now. Her new book follows up her originally advice with practical direction on how to manage both new and old media. I am eager to assign her new book to my incoming students and I know that they will benefit from her experience in the public relations and marketing fields.

    Rick Saucier
    Professor of Marketing, Thomas College
  • Your audience is the most valuable asset of any business. You could lose everything tomorrow and be forced to rebuild — but — if you have an audience that knows you, likes you, and trusts you — you will be successful in your pivot. For more than 30 years, Nancy has been helping clients grow their audiences — and along with it — their brands. Now in her second book, she generously shares the practical and tactical steps that have contributed to her client’s success so you can take what works and apply it in your business, too.

    Stephen Woessner
    Host of Onward Nation and Owner of Predictive ROI
  • Nancy Marshall is someone who walks the walk and talks the talk. She advises clients on how to build their brands but she has done all the right things to build her own brand. This is her second book, plus she writes for Forbes.com and she has The PR Maven® Podcast. She even had me on as a guest! If you follow the steps prescribed by Nancy in this book to grow your audience, you will achieve your marketing goals by growing a recognizable brand name. When people know, like and trust you, they will want to do business with you.

    George Smith
    Outdoor and Travel Writer


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About Nancy Marshall

Forbes Agency Council 2021

Nancy Marshall, aka The PR Maven®, is the founder and CEO of Marshall Communications, a boutique PR and marketing agency in Maine.

Maine-based and globally-connected, the agency has handled public relations and marketing for numerous companies, governmental entities and nonprofit organizations over its 30 years of operation.

She and her team have seen how the development and implementation of a practical, coordinated marketing communications strategy can make a significant and measurable impact on an organization and help it achieve its strategic goals. That’s why she and her team created The Marshall Plan®, a 65-step process to create a playbook for measurable PR and marketing success.

Nancy herself uses social media, including LinkedIn, and the newest techniques in podcasting to create cornerstone and cobblestone content, as well as working the room at networking events, which is her true passion. Her podcast is about growing your audience and your brand through traditional and digital methods of networking.

Her experience has helped her create Maine’s largest public relations agency and building iconic brands, as well as an award-winning personal branding podcast called The PR Maven® Podcast.

Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven
Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven Character

In 2018, I launched my new podcast all about using a combination of traditional networking techniques and the power of social media to help you build your personal and professional brand. The weekly podcast features interviews with industry leaders, top executives, media personalities and online influencers about public relations and their personal brand.

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